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AS/NZS (Australia/New Zeland) Face Mask

AS/NZS (Australia/New Zealand) facial mask

We introduced the unique functions and advantages of respirators And masks to improve the acceptability of the wearer. Frivolity The design and ultra wide sealing area provide all day comfort. Elastic band The adjustable headband is designed for added comfort. All IMD respirators And the mask has been tested and meets the requirements of relevant performance AS/NZS 1716-2012

AS/NZS (Australia/New Zealand) respirator rating

AS/NZS 1716-2012 Class P1 Yes Rating of respirators produced by filtration machinery Particles, such as from crushing, grinding, sawing and grinding.

Australia/New Zealand 1716-2012 Grade P2 is the grade of respirator used for filtration Particles generated by machinery and heat, such as welding fume. these It is also recommended to use in some applications to counter some Airborne particles of infectious organisms.

What is the purpose of AS/NZS (Australia/New Zealand) 1716-2012 mask?

Light soldering, tin soldering

Casting operation

Some infectious aerosols

Diesel particulate material

Sanding, grinding, cutting, drilling

Plastering, rendering, digging

Use powder or dust

What's the Application of AS/NZS (Australia/New Zeland) 1716-2012 Face Mask?
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