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CE (EU) Face Mask

Surgical Mask

Licensed medical or healthcare professionals use us as their source of medical masks. We are a leading manufacturer of medical masks for healthcare providers. The medical masks we provide are medical devices covering the nose and mouth, which can provide barriers to minimize direct transmission between staff and patients. They are intended to be used in operating rooms and healthcare environments with similar requirements and to protect the entire working environment.

Medical mask grade

The medical masks specified in the European standard EN14683-2019 are divided into two types (Type I and Type II) according to the bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), while Type II is further divided according to whether the masks are splash proof. "R" means splash proof.

When selecting a specific medical mask,
Make sure you select the appropriate level of the program that you will perform.

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What are the applications surgical mask?

At least, type I medical masks are used for patients to reduce the risk of infection transmission, especially in epidemic or pandemic situations. Type II masks are mainly used by medical care professionals in operating rooms or other medical environments with similar requirements.

What's the application of  medical face masks?

What's the difference? Medical masks and general masks?

Since medical masks and ordinary masks look the same, it is difficult to distinguish them. They have the same three layers: two layers of non-woven fabric and the most important intermediate melt blown fiber layer. There is a very important technical data to distinguish them: bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE). For medical purposes, BFE should be ≥ 95% or ≥ 99%. For general use, melt blown fibers do not have such technical data, but have particle filtration efficiency (PFE). PFE shall be ≥ 80%.

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