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Respirator & Medical Face Masks

Respirator and medical mask box

What are patients and doctors saying

Comfortable to wear and healthy to breathe


We have been using KN95 mask of IMD , It's thin and soft. It won't choke. It's very comfortable to wear Wear. At the same time, IMD staff told us that this is a protective mask, The filtration efficiency is much higher than 95%, which can It makes us feel very safe to use it in a medical environment& nbsp;< br>

Dr. Zhang Bin

Small parts, great effect

Wearing FFP2 masks for a long time will hurt our ears, but for FFP2 mask We use a small accessory - the fixing clip. Thanks to it, the ear pain disappears, and we can do other things with confidence< br>

Cai Yang
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Thanks to the soft non-woven fiber and low respiratory resistance, whether it is a respirator or a medical mask, they are very comfortable to wear and can help you focus on your work.