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In many working and living environments, safety goggles will be a better choice to provide complete eye and safety protection against dust, droplets and splashes. Our eye protection equipment can cover your eyes 360 ° in all directions, and includes an adjustable elastic band to help fix medical goggles firmly on your face. Our protective safety goggles also include indirect vents to prevent liquid ingress and help air circulation.

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ppe safety goggles
safety goggles and safety equipment
goggles with face shield
goggle safety glasses

Advantages of our safety goggles

Compatibility with other glasses

Ergonomic design, compatible with myopia glasses

Lighter and more comfortable

Polycarbonate lenses are lighter and comfortable to wear

Double side anti fog

Large polycarbonate lens: clearer and broader vision, preventing impact and liquid splash

Indirect ventilation design

Remove moisture and prevent liquid splashing

Headband type

Adjustable, suitable for various head circumference

Advantages Of Our Safety Goggles

Goggle certificate and test report

CE Certificate Goggles
CE certificate goggles
CE Certificate Goggles
CE certificate goggles
GIMT Goggles EN166 Test Report
GIMT goggles EN166 test report
ISO 9001 Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate
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